I’ve got a year!

Yes well, since I live in denmark, we have a wonderful tradition of alowing our high graduates to have a year or 2 off(or more if that’s you fancy).

I tried not to take this sabbat year and start right away in the university of copenhagen. That didn’t go too. But I did figure out a few things. 

First of all physics is not the study for, but I am still very much interested in Biology! I am now taking a year off to get me a regular job, work my ass off and earn some money, focus on my band for kicks and giggles, and then by next year hopefully start on my biology courses.

I come from a long line of musicians, so it isn’t that unimaginable that I am very band and music focussed, and since my band is finally COMPLETE, I can give it a go with some concerts, and competions and the like so I’m gonna be having a shit load of fun! 

So to any interested, wish me luck on my adventure! And I will try to keep updates on a weekly basis or some other time period.

Just for starters.

So, final day of recording for me and my band. And tomorrow I go back to my regular life of studying physics at the university of Copenhagen. Playing metal guitar and studying, going and in hand hehe. Just a warning, I’he logged or posted like this.before, so These first posts will probably be a bit.random unti I Find some sort of general direction for my posts.